August 1, 2023


Fashion show but on motorcycles? That’s how Motorista’s clients will rock and roll the streets. In a world where the open road is mostly ruled by men, we found a way to change stereotypes through great teamwork and graphic design. Not all black and white. It’s about creating a unique, recognizable logo and finding the vibrant colors. Are you ready to roll with us? Hop on a journey through our website and find more about this and many more projects:


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    Motorista Ltd

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Women riders in front to showcase a bold new world.

Motorista is a Bulgarian accessories brand, offering a variety of products to women riders. In a world where the open road is mostly ruled by men, we’re shifting gears and putting women riders front and center!

We’re talking about showing confidence and free spirits through custom design!

Logo soul seekers

The Magic behind Motorista

The logo’s letter “M” stands for tire tracks and seams from a sewing machine. Did you notice it in the letter “A” at the end too? We strike for balance, much necessary in logo design as in nailing the perfect ride.

The font? Sans serif for a clean, modern vision. Make it bold and you have the confidence we are going after!

Colors, colors, colors

Let’s look at the colors:

While other brands are stuck in black, we’re taking cues from the vibrant world of real-life motorcycles. Red, blue, orange – offering more color options to the customers will rock our clients’ sales.

There is more

We describe it all in the brand book.

You can see how the logo, colors and typography blend together to create a consistent vision for all the design choices in the future.

For this brand, it’s not just about the sales – it’s about the vibe. That’s why they asked our designers to do their magic and make the shopping experience more personal. We show our appreciation by giving custom pins, stickers and thank you cards.

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