August 1, 2023

Glow Beauty Labs

Women often obsess over high beauty standards and the founder of Glow Beauty Labs believes that confidence and self-love can take you anywhere. That’s why their team has come up with a special formula, offering a variety of essential vitamins to help women feel radiant and live a healthy life.


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    Glow beauty labs

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The brand’s philosophy

Centers around enhancing one’s natural glow, allowing them to shine with self-assurance. Who wouldn’t want a pink pill that has the shape of a teddy bear, right?

In this sea of options, we’re the ones making waves! Through our lens, we capture the very essence of each skincare gem, ensuring that every picture tells a story of self-love and confidence.

The Magic behind

We even set up a Shopify store, where anyone could quickly order online.

Before we even showed off the delicious gummy bears to anyone, our creative team talked to many awesome women to figure out what makes them fall in love with a specific beauty brand. That’s how we came up with a strategy to promote the product on social media platforms.

What about the market?

We’ve got the Netherlands already covered. Our dreams are bigger than ever. We’re ready to spread our glow to new places – starting with Bulgaria! That’s right, we’ve got a modern design of a new label ready for our Bulgarian beauties.

The grid:

Color palette and important keywords invite the customer to experience the essence of glowing skincare. Our priority? Sharing positive reviews from existing customers and long-term benefits after using the product.

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