August 1, 2023

Discovered Spaces

Discovered Spaces is a non-governmental organization, helping people find and live up to their potential. For our long-term partner we created a fresh brand identity.


Brand design

  • Client

    Discovered Spaces

Open Project

Our clients believe

That only living life in harmony with nature can bring out one’s true identity.

They often organize events and workshops outdoors and we wanted to capture this energy. The logo design is an essential part of any brand and we used it in letter design, pattern, pins and promotional materials.

The Magic behind

In our first mockups we combined nature elements (trees, houses, birds) to find the one. Because, hey, life’s all about discovering new spaces, right?
The bird in our logo? It’s more than just feathers – it’s a symbol of chasing dreams head-on! 

There is more

Our crowd?

The young minds who live for fresh experiences, creative buzz, and taking that epic leap. Think art enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and teamwork admirers.

From cool banners to eye-catching social media posts, we’ve painted all the social media platforms with our symbols.

The brand name

“Discovered Spaces” is hidden and our concept represents a curved shape that winks at a “D”, while the bird’s wings and tail form the letter “S”.

Let’s collaborate

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