June 3, 2019

Connectication – Board game design

Connectication is an engaging and educational card game designed to help kids (ages 7-15 years) explore emotions and improve their communication skills in a fun and creative way. The game encourages emotional intelligence, empathy and effective communication among students, making it an ideal tool for educators and counselors to facilitate emotional development.


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Research – The team researched educational games on the market and resources related to emotions and communication.

Concept Development – Based on research, few concepts were shortlisted and discussed with the clients. After a concept was chosen, we started having fun with the design!

Artistic Direction (Moodboards, Sketches, Graphic design, Typography, Logo design) – Different art styles and color palettes were tested to ensure that the visuals resonate with the target age group.

Playtesting – A prototype version of the game was created with a limited number of cards. Playtesting sessions were conducted with kids in the target age range, as well as parents and educators. Feedback from these sessions was gathered to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to the game and card designs.

Final Design: After several rounds of iteration and improvements, the final card designs were selected, including the illustrations, color schemes, and typography. 

Production –  Once the card design and content were finalized, the game went into production. The cards were printed, packaged, and prepared for distribution.

Connectication Cards

During the process we prepared 450 cards in 4 languages. 

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The card game is opened in portuguese, english, bulgarian and greek. 

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About the design:

The front side of the card features a vivid and captivating illustration representing a specific emotion, such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, etc. The back side includes a brief description, written in a simple language suitable for children. 


Additionally, each deck has a unique color, helping players distinguish different categories of emotions during the gameplay. The game is translated into 4 languages – Bulgarian, English, Portuguese and Greek.

Each card is approximately 170×70 mm, printed on sturdy cardstock, ensuring durability for repeated use.

Each language deck has a Rule Book and explanations.


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We collaborated with the team of VBrand Visuals to create a boarding game from scratch and they did an exceptional job! From start to finish, their work on our board game visuals and illustrations was an absolute pleasure.They were responsive and flexible and did their best to match our expectations and preferences. The sheer talent of their illustrators and the overall professional attitude of the team made this experience smooth and enjoyable! We highly recommend them for any creative project you might have in your mind!
Denitsa Yordanova
Can You Association

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